Tradition cannot be maintained by only making routine efforts. We know this based on our years of tradition. Fortunately, we can continue to build relationships with client and build trust based on our long accumulated technical capability because we have always been open to “change.”
Originating from Kyoto - from a creative and innovative environment, we continue to provide customers with new value and ideas that are not inuenced by fashion, as was in the past and will also be in the future.

Approximately 150 years have passed since the first Kyokuzan Ishida (great-grandfather of the present chairman) started copper plate engraved printing in the first year of the Meiji era. Demands and needs of society changed as the eras moved from Meiji to Taisho, Showa and Heisei. Our businesses have also diversified in response to changing social needs. While our focus was concentrated on printing for many years as our core business, today we are engaged in many areas covering many fields. However, the concepts of “from the perspective of creating things” and “attitude toward people’s imagination” have not changed even today nor will they change in the future.