The compact film thickness monitor is a reflection spectrophotometric film thickness meter that uses a small reflection probe and is applicable in all situations from the laboratory level to in-line 100% inspection in the production process. It has excellent maintainability and can be used for incorporation into process equipment and line management.
Simultaneous measurement of up to 9 types of transparent films is possible.
It can be used as an in-line or end-point monitor for the various multi-layered film process.
The compact probe can be installed in a small space inside the process tool. It is also possible to judge the mixture ratio of the mixed layer or the crystallinity of Poly-Silicon by using the EMA theory.

  1. Compact probe with the optical fiberIt is recommended that the distance from the target surface to the probe is 1mm to 80mm.
    The measurement area is about 3mmΦ.
    1mmΦ pinhole attachement is additionally prepared.
    Larger probe is available for the long work distance .
    can be installed in a small space inside the process tool.
  2. Good repeatability of the film thickness measurement 0.1nm(3σ)The repeatability of the film thickness is as follows. Measurement time is less than 1sec.
    The following environment is recommended.
    0.1nm(3sigma) SiO2 on Si, Thickness range is 50nm to 1um
    0.1%(3sigma) SiO2 on Si, Thickness range is over 1um
  3. Multilayer film thickness measurement up to 9 layersThe maximum number of layer depends on the actual film structure and wavelength range.
  4. Material analysis functionEffective Medium Approximation (EMA) theory and dielectric function are available for material analysis. They become difficult in case of thin film.
    Also, hundreds of optical constants are prepared in advance.
    • Evaluation of mixing ratio of the composite material using EMA
    • Crystallinity and Analysisy of the optical constants
  1. Selectable light sourceThe best light source depends n the target film thickness and structure.
  2. Wireless(Option)Available on white LED light source. Power is supplied with Li-Ion battery.
    Data is communicated via Wi-Fi.
  3. Automatic mapping stage(Option)
    Movie 1:Demo 1 of Endpoint Monitor
    Movie 2:Demo 2 of Endpoint Monitor
  4. Automatic mapping stage(Option)Mapping is available up to 300mm wafer size.

Recommended system requirements

Room temperature : 18 to 45 ℃
Long term : < ±2.0℃/24Hours
Short term : < ±1.0℃/1Hour
Humidity : 45±20% (Under no condensation)