Imaging film thickness monitor is a metrology tool that can visualize the film thickness distribution of a transparent multilayer film.
It can visualize the film thickness distribution with 0.1nm thickness resolution by using the spectroscopic reflectometry.

  • Judge the mixture ratio of the mixed layer
  • the crystallinity of Poly-Silicon
  1. Visualize film thickness uniformity
    • Measure the film thickness/quality in the microscope field of view, Show the 3D distribution
  2. Film thickness resolution :  <0.1nm
    • Good thickness resolution equivalent to the spectrometry tools.
    • The wavelength can be selected from 450nm to 750nm with 1nm precision.
  3. High speed / Multilayer measurement up to 9 layers
    • Parallel processing by the spectroscopic reflectometry

    Advanced applications

    1. ① Several hundred repeated film such as the Bandpass Interference Filters and Composite multilayer film such as the Trench structure
    2. ② Sub micron pattern density estimation using Effective Medium Approximation (EMA)
    3. ③ Local area crystallinity evaluation such as Laser annealing
  1. Measurement of film thickness distribution in the specified region of the Objective field of view.
    • Measure the 6.6x8.8mm□ area using the 1x obj.
    • Measure the 0.5um spatial resolution using the 50x obj.