Infrared sheet thickness monitors measure the thickness of translucent sheets such as battery separators, low reflective coatings such as black resist, and silicon. It can be used in all applications from laboratory level to in-line 100% inspection in production.The infrared absorption system consists of a compact mirror probe with a transmissive optical system, which allows simultaneous measurement of multiple parameters such as film thickness, density and composition at more than 100 wavelengths.

  1. 1

    Measures the thickness of translucent sheets, low-reflection films, silicon, etc., which was difficult with the optical interferometry

  2. 2

    Compact probe

    By adopting a small 30 mm reflective probe, it can be installed in a small space in equipment or production lines. In addition, since the probe is connected to the main body only with an optical fiber cable, it has excellent environmental resistance.

  3. 3

    High speed measurement
    Simultaneous sampling of near-infrared wavelengths from 950 nm to 1650 nm at 100 points or more

  4. 4

    Thickness measurement reproducibility 0.1% or less (3σ)

  5. 5

    Measurement algorithms

    Algorithm Calibration sample Number of parameters
    Lambert–Beer law 1 Thickness
    Least squares regression method 2 or more Multiple parameters
    (Thickness, Density, Composite ratio, etc)

Measurement example 1 (Lithium ion battery separator)

Simultaneous measurement of thickness and coating weight is possible

Measurement example 1 (Black resist film thickness)

Black resist film thickness measurement, which was difficult with
reflection spectroscopy