With media and product businesses as our core business, we, as a company that always takes on challenges in various fields, will carry out flexible management activities by establishing a corporate structure and culture that can respond swiftly to changes in any business environment, and continue to be a company that customers need and rely on.

Public relations and sales promotion SHASHIN KAGAKU, Media Company

Total support for public relations and sales promotion initiatives by optimal proposals as your partner

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Precision equipment manufacturing and system development SHASHIN KAGAKU, Product Company

Aiming for innovation in “manufacturing” based on our own core technologies in the processes of “classification,” “mixing,” “creating,” “measuring” and “flowing”

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Healthcare business SHASHIN KAGAKU, Product Company, Healthcare Division

Providing safe and comfortable products under the themes of “infection control” and “making nursing care workloads lighter”

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Satellite imagery
aerial photography
location information business
SHASHIN KAGAKU, Media Company, GeoScience Division

We provide image processing services for earth observation data, application development and solutions related to location information that does not rely on GPS, as well as other AR (augmented reality) technology-based services.

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Printing systems for electronic devices Printed electronics

We provide printing systems that enable fine wiring for organic EL and touch panels by optimizing printing devices, printing plates, printing inks, etc., for electronic device applications.

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Introduction of Group Companies