SHASHIN KAGAKU was founded in Kyoto during the turbulent years of the Meiji Restoration with the adoption of copper-plate engraving techniques.

After the nation’s capital was moved from Kyoto to Tokyo, entrepreneurs felt a sense of loss with the decline in Kyoto’s fortunes and took measures to modernize their businesses. Among those entrepreneurs was the founder, Saijiro Ishida, who made significant contributions through further developments and improvements.

Since then, for over 155 years, we have developed and diversified our multi-dimensional businesses by applying advanced electronics based on our pioneering spirit in which we continue to pursue new technologies in response to changing times.

The founder placed value on the importance of “attitude toward people’s imagination” and the “perspective of creating things.” These have served as the unwavering identity of the SHASHIN KAGAKU group and embody the foundation for all activities by each and every employee in increasingly diversified fields, centered around media and product businesses.

We always keep this spirit in mind and aim to be a company that can grow in a sustainable manner in step with our customers by providing services that will satisfy our customers’ needs in any situation. To this end, all of our employees will continue to work together in a sincere effort.

Chairman 石田 敬輔