Privacy policy

Personal information protection policy

“Personal information” which we receive to perform media related services for our main business are important customer assets, and secure protection is an important responsibility we take seriously. We shall continue to provide “personal information protection” and offer “Security” to customers and reliably uphold our social responsibility.

  1. We shall comply with various laws related to protection of personal information, and make efforts to protect personal information.
  2. We shall identify the purpose of use of personal information, fairly and properly obtain, and use and offer.
  3. In order to ensure security of personal information, we shall take countermeasures and prevent loss and leakage of personal information.
  4. We shall properly respond if any customer complains or asks about personal information.
  5. We shall provide education and instruction related to “personal information protection” to our employees and outsourcees.
  6. We shall maintain control systems which we draw up, and further make efforts to continually improve.

April 1, 2012
Chairman of the Board, CEO Keisuke Ishida